Saturday, February 21, 2009

Depression in Nursing Home Residents

Do you think your life is empty? This is the single question the researchers in this article use to examine depression in a sample of "care home residents with a high prevalence of dementia". The article is presented in a brief form. I would like you to examine the methods section and see if you can figure out how they conducted the study based on the information provided. Further, after reading the article, I would like you to discuss the use of the question "Do you think your life is empty" as a predictor of depression. Click the link to read the article.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Compliance Therapy with Psychotic Patients

I found an article from the UK that discuses the uses of compliance therapy with psychotic patients. It's an interesting article with some relevance to social work practice. However, what I want you to do is try your hands at a little criticial analysis. Read the article but specifically focus on the methods section. Look for terms that you recognize from our class discussions. I want you to comment on the article with a specific focus on the methodology used by the researchers. I'm interested to see your comments.

Compliance Therapy with Psychotic Patients